🪄 Improved 🖼️ UX/UI 🔐 Security 🌍 Collaboration
9 months ago

⏎ Advanced RBAC

At Brainboard, we like to rework existing features while improving them at the same time.

1. New User Interface (UI)
  • Experience a sleek and intuitive design that enhances user interaction and efficiency when giving permissions, managing roles & inviting new members to collaborate.
2. Enhanced Role Management
  • Streamlined process to manage roles and their associated permissions.
  • Directly link permissions to your specific environment, architectures, and workflows for a tailored experience.
3. Granular Permission Control
  • Dive deeper into permission settings with the ability to narrow down permissions at various levels: 
    • Organization Level: Control and delegate access across your entire organization.
    • Architecture Level: Define permissions specific to different architectures within your setup.
    • Project Level: Ensure the right people have the right access for individual projects.
Stay tuned for more updates and improvements!