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3 months ago

📥 AWS import listing

AWS Resource Explorer

We've upgraded the method for listing resources within cloud accounts, specifically addressing limitations encountered with AWS resource visibility. Previously, our approach relied solely on the AWS Resource Tagging API, which necessitated at least one tag on a resource for it to be visible in query results. This method often led to incomplete resource listings, especially for untagged resources.

To provide a more comprehensive solution, we have integrated a new AWS API endpoint from the AWS Resource Explorer service. This service allows users to create indexes—or views—that can catalog all resources within a specified region of their cloud account. While it's important to note that this method supports a broader range of resource types than before, it does not encompass all AWS resources (see AWS documentation). However, it marks a significant improvement by including resources that were previously unimportable, such as IAM resources, and excluding deleted resources from the index, ensuring a cleaner and more accurate representation of current cloud assets.

This enhancement significantly enriches the AWS import functionality, allowing users to conduct more exhaustive resource imports into their accounts. The primary requirement for utilizing this new feature is the creation of a view within the AWS Resource Explorer, which is not set up by default. While detailed documentation is pending, users are encouraged to initiate by creating a default view as per AWS guidelines, a crucial step for achieving a comprehensive AWS import. This development aims to simplify resource management and improve the efficiency of cloud resource utilization for our users.