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3 months ago

🪲 Bug fix report

  • Websocket reconnection fixed: We have resolved the issues related to websocket reconnection in Brainboard. With this update: you no longer need to manually refresh the page to reconnect, enhancing the continuity of your Brainboard experience.
  • Output deletion issue: We've resolved an issue in Brainboard where you were previously unable to delete outputs due to the smart deletion modal being incorrectly activated; it is now limited to only input variables and locals.
    • We are put back the suggestions’ list in the output fields that’s allows you to reference existing resources’ exported attributes.
  • We have implemented fixes for three issues in Brainboard's copy-in-arch feature:
    1. We've ensured that copying within architecture retains the original resource names from the template, addressing the issue where names were unintentionally changed.
    2. We've resolved an issue where output values were incorrectly replaced when importing a template into an existing architecture.
    3. When cloning in-architecture from the template catalog, we now correctly import variables, prevent overlap with existing nodes, and optionally select all new nodes.
  • Update CICD workflow description: We've addressed a usability issue in Brainboard's CI/CD workflow configuration where the 'Save and close' button was not visible due to a hidden overflow, ensuring the button is now always visible for updates.
  • GCP IAM resources: We has released an update to the GCP Terraform provider, now featuring GCP IAM resources. 
Please reach out if you experience any more issues with Brainboard.