🐞 Bug Fixes
about 2 months ago

🪲 Bug fix report

| Code Generation The latest bug fix in Brainboard's Terraform code generation ensures that strings starting with "!" and containing expressions are no longer quoted.

| Leftbar Search Improved We have improved search accuracy by listing precise resources based on name, title, and type (excluding descriptions, for example, to remove false positive suggestions). Big addition: the search now supports acronyms and short names of resources.

| Wrong Tag Added Automatically Fixed We have fixed the bug where tags were added to resources that do not support them, such as azuread_application, preventing issues like duplicate tags and deployment blocks. Now, tags are only added to resources that support them, ensuring smoother user experiences and preventing deployment errors.

| Fix Import CP AWS As Terraform resources evolve, we keep updating our AWS importer with support for more resources.

| Import CP Documentation Import cloud provider documentation is now available.

| Resource Name Preservation We fixed an issue where custom resource names were not preserved during copy-paste and duplication. Now, when you copy or duplicate a resource, the new name is correctly generated based on the user-defined name, ensuring consistency. Additionally, copying to the clipboard now retains the exact name, generating a proper new name upon pasting.

| Attribute Inheritance We fixed an issue where attributes, like subnet IDs, were not properly inherited, causing multiple duplicate entries when moving resources like VPC endpoints between subnets. Now, when you move a VPC endpoint to a subnet, it correctly inherits the subnet ID without creating duplicate entries. Additionally, moving a VPC endpoint within the same subnet no longer generates unnecessary duplicates, ensuring accurate and clean inheritance behavior.

| Multiline Fields You now have the possibility to switch to multiline mode by pressing Shift + Enter in any ID card text field. This is very helpful if you want to add heredoc values in a specific field or use Terraform functions that use multiple lines like “jsonencode”. The big addition is that we automatically detect if you are in a single-line or multiline configuration and update the field UI for you.