🐞 Bug Fixes
about 1 year ago

🐞 Bug fixes: June 2023

  • 🥠 Azure Icons: Brainboard has been updated with the latest Azure icons from Microsoft Visio, ensuring that users have access to the most up-to-date icon library for seamless integration into their projects.
  • 🧮 Remote Backend error: This update ensures that users no longer encounter vague internal error messages. Instead, they will receive clear, actionable feedback, making troubleshooting more efficient.
  • 📂 Zip: Brainboard addresses compatibility issues by providing support for both Windows and Linux platforms, ensuring that the zip functionality works seamlessly on both operating systems, enabling users to effortlessly compress and extract files without any compatibility constraints.
  • 🥡 Git flow: Brainboard enhances the workflow by optimizing the process of pushing existing Git repositories. With its improved flow, users can seamlessly execute Git pushes for repositories that already exist, streamlining the development process and promoting efficient collaboration.
  • 🎴 Id card: Brainboard now offers improved ID card by automatically trimming spaces before and after words. This bug fix ensures cleaner and more accurate ID cards.