🐞 Bug Fixes
11 months ago

🪲 Bug Fixes Report - August 2023

We are pleased to inform you about the significant progress we've made in addressing the challenges you faced while using Brainboard. Here is a detailed report on the major bug fixes we implemented in August:
  1. Enhanced Automatic Code Generation: We have refined our automatic code generation feature. It can now handle and manage much more intricate use cases, ensuring smoother and more efficient code generation for your projects.
  2. Improved Handling of the Variable keyword optional with Default Values: Brainboard now supports the default value for optional object type attributes feature. This means you can seamlessly import a module or .tf file with variables that have an optional argument with a default value.
  3. Addition of Meta-Arguments in the Extra Section for Modules: We've integrated the for_each/count/depends_on meta-arguments into the extra section for modules. This enhancement will provide you with more flexibility and control over your module configurations.
  4. VSCode Integration in Variable Defaults and Values: We've made it easier for you to navigate within a variable's default or value. You can now use the arrow keys for this purpose. Additionally, we recommend using the mini code editor, similar to the one in the resource’s identity card, for a more streamlined experience.
  5. Optimized Content Spacing: To enhance readability and user experience, we've adjusted the content spacing. This ensures that resources and resource titles do not overlap with the topbar or search bar, providing a cleaner and more organized view.
  6. Automatic URL Detection and Formatting during your imports: Importing architectures or modules from Git repositories has never been easier! Simply copy the URL from your browser, and Brainboard will automatically detect and format it correctly for importing. This feature eliminates the need for manual adjustments and ensures an accurate URL for the import.
We are committed to continuously improving Brainboard and providing you with the best possible experience. Your feedback has been invaluable in guiding these improvements. We thank you for your continued support and look forward to serving you even better in the future.