🪄 Improved 🐞 Bug Fixes 🖼️ UX/UI 🎨 Design area
8 months ago

🐛 Bug Fixes W40+41

  • Enhanced Project/Environment Visibility: We appreciate the valuable feedback from our users and customers. If you encounter any ongoing issues, please don't hesitate to inform us.
  • Streamlined Switch Node Resource Type: We've eliminated redundant code that no longer serves a purpose when toggling between resource and data source modes.
  • Multi-User Mode Stability: We're pleased to inform you that the pesky blinking issue in multi-user mode has been resolved. 😉
  • Search Bar Undo Functionality: You can now press Ctrl+Z to conveniently undo text changes in the left bar's search function.
  • Enhanced Node Selection and Movement: We've addressed the issue where moving multiple nodes was problematic. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.
  • Brainboard File Restoration: Good news! The Brainboard_file feature is back and fully functional.
  • Simplified CP Selection During Architecture Switch: When transitioning between different architectures, we've made it easier to select the right CP (Control Panel).
  • 🥚 Infrastructure Migration to Kubernetes: Our infrastructure has been successfully migrated to Kubernetes, providing enhanced performance compared to the previous VM-based setup.