🪄 Improved 🐞 Bug Fixes
8 months ago

🐛 Bug Fixes W42+43

  • When deleting a variable, you will have a warning message if the variable is still used!
  • We fixed the UI to add/edit variable, the save/update button is always visible.
  • We fixed many bugs on import: 
    • Import files: Empty string values are not removed on required attributes
    • Import files: Warning message when the TF files are invalid or not found is back for clarity.
    • Import files & Cloud: We iterate again on the enrichment phase of the import to have better parent/child inheritance like supporting multiple locations inside one Resource Group
  • We fixed the bug when the One Action buttons were always disabled.
  • You can now use heredoc (<<EOT) in custom code.
  • Brainboard’s training guide is back!
  • When cloning your architecture or publishing it to the marketplace, all the architecture’s versions are removed automatically.
PS: We are working hard on Design area performance, did you see it?