🐞 Bug Fixes
8 months ago

🐛 Bug Fixes W44+45

  • Screenshot: We've completely rethought this feature. You can download an accurate image of your architecture.
  • Identity card (idcard): When you have the idcard open and resize the node then close the idcard, the node resizes back to the initial size. This bug is fixed!
  • Git App: We fixed the edge cases with GitHub integration.
  • Copy: You are allowed to copy a text from one action terminal output or terraform code.The name of your architecture is now included in your browser's tab name.
  • Terraform modules: You have now the default values displayed in the idcard.
  • Pull Request: When you create a PR, you can edit the commit message and filter out files you want to exclude.
PS: We are working hard on the idcard in the Design area, did you see it 👀?
Screenshot 2023-11-21 at 10.34.42 AM.png 121.65 KB