🪄 Improved 🚀 CI/CD Engine 🔐 Security
about 1 year ago

🌱 CI/CD Engine upgrade!

We've made some performance enhancements to the:
Visual CICD Engine

  • Multi-Workflow Capability: You can now create and manage multiple workflows for your CI/CD pipeline, making it easier to organize and streamline your development process.
  • Drift Detection: Our new drift detection feature helps you identify and resolve configuration differences between your development, staging, and production environments.
  • Notification Sending: You can configure notifications to be sent to relevant stakeholders, keeping everyone informed about the status of builds, deployments, and releases — including when pipelines fail.
  • Approval Tasks: We’ve introduced approval tasks to enable more granular control over the deployment process. This feature lets you define a set of approvers who need to sign off on each deployment before it can proceed.
  • Scheduled Deployment: You can now schedule deployments for a specific time and date, allowing you to plan ahead and ensure that new releases are rolled out at a time that suits your team and your customers.
  • Design to Code to Deploy