❇️ New-in 🪄 Improved ✚🔗 Integrations 🚀 CI/CD Engine
5 months ago

🚀 CI/CD Updates:

  • Checkov Integration: Checkov is now reintegrated, enhancing our security scanning capabilities.
  • OPA Job Status: We've improved the OPA job status to now fail when the result is empty, ensuring more accurate feedback.
  • New Status for Partial Success: Responding to your requests, we've added a new status for scenarios where the job or pipeline succeeds despite some jobs failing.
  • Visual Enhancements: All job and pipeline statuses have been updated with new colors and icons for clearer visual representation.
  • API-Triggered Pipelines: Boost your workflow efficiency with the ability to trigger pipelines via API. For enabling this feature, please contact our support team.