❇️ New-in ☁️ Cloud Provider πŸ” Security
9 months ago

πŸ”“ Enhanced Cloud Providers Connections

Dive into a modern and user-friendly design that simplifies your cloud connection process.

Cloud Providers connections settings


  • Assume role: The most commonly used method to connect a third party to your AWS account is now available in Brainboard. This is the most secure way to allow Brainboard to perform actions on your behalf within your account.
  • Access & secret keys: You can still use IAM user with access / secret keys.


  • Certificate: Introducing a more secure way to authenticate with Azure using certificates. You don’t need to share your Azure AD app secret anymore.
  • Client Secret: You can still use Azure AD app client secret.
Stay ahead with Brainboard's commitment to providing a safer and more efficient cloud connection experience!