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over 2 years ago

🚀 GitHub Integration

Integration of GitHub and GitLab with Brainboard. Brainboard is a tool that allows users to design and manage their infrastructure as code. With this new native integration, users can now automatically push the code generated by Brainboard to their preferred Git-based repository, such as GitHub or GitLab.

This integration allows users to benefit from the capabilities of Brainboard, such as visualizing their infrastructure and generating Terraform code, while also being able to store their code in a trusted repository. By storing their code in a repository, users can take advantage of features such as version control, code review, and collaboration.

Brainboard already supports other Git-based repository hosting services, such as Bitbucket and Azure DevOps. This means that users have multiple options for where to store their code and can choose the repository hosting service that best fits their needs and workflow.

The feature also states that Brainboard continues to integrate the infrastructure with today's workforce, without jumping the whole team into Gits. This means that users can use Brainboard to design and manage their infrastructure as code, without needing to be experts in Git or other repository hosting services. This feature is meant to make it easy for users to take advantage of the benefits of infrastructure as code, even if they don't have a lot of experience with Git or other repository hosting services.