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over 1 year ago

🔎 ID card* search now returns nested fields (inside block)

Improvement to the ID card search functionality in a system. Specifically, the improvement allows for searching nested fields within an ID card.
*The ID cards would represent different cloud resources, such as virtual machines, load balancers, and storage volumes. By dragging and dropping these ID cards onto a canvas, users could quickly and easily design their desired cloud infrastructure.

Once the diagram is designed, it would also be actionable, meaning that the user could deploy their cloud infrastructure with a single click. Brainboard would then automatically provision and configure the necessary resources based on the ID cards that were used in the design.

Brainboard greatly simplify the process of designing and deploying cloud infrastructure, as it would provide users with a visual, intuitive way to work with the resources. Additionally, the use of ID cards could also enable users to easily share and reuse their cloud infrastructure designs with others.


The previous version of the ID card search only returned the matches from the simple fields, but now the search has been updated to return matches even from the nested/block fields, which allows the user to find the ID card with all the information they need.

Test it for yourself on Brainboard!