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almost 2 years ago

🪄 Import from files improved

This feature release pertains to the import feature in the Brainboard cloud management solution. The development team has been working on improving the user experience and the output of this feature.

A new and improved version of the import feature has just been released. With this new version, users are now able to start configuring their cloud resources while they are dragging and dropping them onto their architecture diagram. This means that users no longer have to complete the configuration process after the resources have been imported, they can now do it in real-time as they are adding resources to the diagram. This allows for a more efficient and streamlined workflow, and can save users valuable time.

The team is encouraging users to try out this new feature and provide feedback on their experience with it. This will help the team continue to improve the product and provide the best experience for the users.

Import your Terraform files on Brainboard.
Import from terraform file(s)