🪄 Improved 🐞 Bug Fixes 🚀 CI/CD Engine
about 1 year ago

📆 Brainboard Feature Changelog - May 2023

🔥 Releases: 

  • Two new CI/CD Plugins enabling efficient collaboration and streamlined code reviews.
    • Pull Request: create directly inside your workflow/pipeline the Pull Request once all other validations and test pass.
    • Microsoft Teams: get a notification in your Teams once a pipeline succeed
  • Unlimited Terraform code generation for free: You can enjoy the benefits of streamlining your design to code generation without any cost, making it an ideal choice for small-scale projects and personal use.
  • Use markdown text in the design area: The enrichment text feature enhances the quality and context of written content and notes on top of your diagram, providing valuable insights and improving overall readability and comprehension of your infrastructure. 

🐞 Fixes: 

  • Git configuration 
    • Git configuration now offers improved validation mechanisms to ensure the correctness of settings, reducing the occurrence of configuration errors.
    • The changes made in Git configuration are now saved automatically, eliminating the need for manual saving and preventing accidental data loss.
    • Instead of encountering scope conflict errors, Git configuration now notifies users of already existing errors, allowing for easier resolution and smoother configuration management.
  • The new loading provides a seamless and responsive user experience, enhancing the overall efficiency of your Terraform configuration process.
  • The cloud providers credentials forms and validation have been enhanced, making it easier to manage and validate credentials for cloud services.
  • In the CI/CD output, auto-scrolling is disabled when users scroll up, allowing them to review and analyze the output without interruption.
  • When removing all characters in the ID card field, the focus no longer disappears, providing a smoother user interaction and improving data entry experience.