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about 1 year ago

Pull request in the CI/CD pipeline

Pull request plugin in the CI/CD workflow: We are excited to announce the successful integration of a new feature within Brainboard's CI/CD workflow - the Pull Request (PR) plugin. This integration empowers users to trigger PR creation directly within their Brainboard workflow, streamlining the development process and promoting collaboration among team members.

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Legacy use-case: If you use Terraform or IaC to deploy your infrastructure, you either need to have the tests locally (heavy to maintain) or push to the CI and do tests there (you spend your time waiting).

✅ With Brainboard, you can make sure that your work is clean BEFORE you push into git by using the robust CI/CD engine to check while you are building the infrastructure

For e.g. do security checks, cost estimations, policy enforcement then automatically do a PR if all checks are green.