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🔏 Single Tenant*

A brand new Single Tenant version with CI/CD included and up-to-date versions is available for enterprises.
Please contact us if interested.
*Single tenant refers to a software as a service (SaaS) solution where each customer or client has their dedicated instance of the software running on a separate infrastructure. This contrasts with a multi-tenant SaaS solution, where multiple customers or clients share the same software instance, running on a shared infrastructure.

In a single-tenant SaaS solution, the customer's data and configuration are isolated from other customers and not shared with any other organization. This provides a higher level of security, compliance, and customization. Customers have more control over their data, and the software can be tailored to the customer's specific needs.

Single-tenant SaaS solutions are typically used by larger organizations with more stringent security and compliance requirements or organizations requiring a high level of customization. They may also be used by organizations with sensitive data that they do not want to share with other organizations.

It's important to note that Single tenant solutions are often more expensive than multi-tenant solutions because the hardware and infrastructure costs are spread across fewer customers. Additionally, because each customer requires its own infrastructure, there are more operational costs to manage and maintain the different instances.