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over 1 year ago

The template catalog is on prod 🚀

One feature that enables engineers to create repeatable templates of cloud architectures is using infrastructure as code (IAC) tools such as Brainboard.

Brainboard is a tool that allows you to define, provision, and manage infrastructure as code. You can use Brainboard to create templates, called modules, that define specific cloud architecture patterns and configurations. These modules can be shared with other team members, allowing them to use the same templates to provision and manage their own infrastructure.

With Brainboard, engineers can create repeatable templates. These files can be version controlled and shared through various means, such as Git. This allows other team members to view, use, and modify the templates, making it easy for them to spin up similar infrastructure quickly.

Brainboard allows you to use variables, which can be defined in a separate file (tfvars) or passed through the command line, making it easy to parameterize the templates and adjust them to specific use cases or environments.