🪄 Improved ✚🔗 Integrations 🔐 Security
about 2 months ago

💪🏻 User-on-behalf authentication flow

We have enhanced the Git integration feature, which now commits changes via Terraform operations using your user's email. This improvement aligns actions with the user's identity instead of the app itself, following the user-on-behalf authentication flow detailed in GitHub's documentation.
To facilitate this process:
  • Organization owners or admins are required to authenticate the GitHub application.
  • Post-authentication, users will create git_credentials through an OAuth process via the configured GitHub app.
  • We will develop documentation to guide through GitHub configuration.
  • A migration plan for current GitHub-using customers will be prepared, including backend and frontend implementation of the new flow.
  • User-friendly error messaging will be added to assist with migration and credential expiry issues.