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over 1 year ago

🌈 UX redesign - idcard

This feature release pertains to the redesign of the id card in the Brainboard cloud management solution. The development team has completely rethought the concept of the id card to improve productivity and readability for the users.

The new id card has been redesigned with the goal of providing a more efficient and streamlined workflow when configuring cloud resources. One of the key changes is that users can now start configuring their cloud resources while they are dragging and dropping them onto their architecture diagram. This eliminates the need to switch back and forth between configuring resources and adding them to the diagram, allowing for a more efficient workflow.

In addition to this, the new id card has been optimized for smoother readability. This includes improvements to the layout, typography, and color scheme. The new design is intended to make it easier for users to quickly and easily identify the relevant information for each resource, which can save valuable time when building and managing architecture diagrams.

The new id card also includes advanced automation techniques and more intuitive user interfaces which makes the overall process of configuring cloud resources faster and more user-friendly.

Overall, the redesign of the id card is aimed at improving the productivity and readability of the Brainboard cloud management solution, and providing a better experience for the users.

Start configuring your first resources on Brainboard.

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