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8 months ago

📌 Webinar: Build your producer/consumer model with modules and templates

Producer / Consumer Infrastructure Model

Join us in this webinar to discover how you can establish a producer-consumer workflow. Those who traditionally don't create, maintain, and worry about Infrastructure as Code (IaC) & Terraform, can autonomously deploy and destroy their own cloud infrastructure stacks.
The most critical aspect we'll cover is how to make this process secure, controllable, and compliant with your standards and best practices.
You’ll learn how to build:
  • Scalable architectures using both vanilla Terraform resources and modules, and then how to templatize everything.
  • A multi-environment strategy for any cloud infrastructure.
  • Control and approval mechanisms through CI/CD and drift detection, and how to shorten the feedback loop.
We are excited to meet you again around pure technical discussion & learning. Looking forward to seeing you!

Join us on November 28th!

EDT: 12 pm—1 pm 🇺🇸
CET: 18:00–19:00 🇪🇺
IST: 22:30–23:30 🇮🇳