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13 days ago

👁️ Support for OpenTofu Latest Versions

Brainboard is now configured to dynamically support all versions of OpenTofu released on GitHub, including alpha, beta, and release candidates. This update ensures you can select any OpenTofu version for both architectures and workflows, providing greater flexibility and compatibility.

As a refresher, the latest version of OpenTofu (1.7.1) introduces several significant enhancements:
  • Key features of this release include end-to-end state encryption to ensure the security of your configuration files.
  • Dynamic provider-defined functions for more flexible resource management.
  • Loopable import.

For more details, visit the release notes on GitHub.
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3 months ago

↩ Better experience in the PR

Two things to note here:
  1. You now have a complete list of files that you can exclude from the PR.
  2. Your selection will be persisted along with your git configuration.
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3 months ago

📑 Self-hosted runner documentation

Enterprise customers now have a complete self-hosted runner documentation available here.

Self-hosted runner

Deployment Methods:
  • Docker Compose: For users preferring Docker, we've provided sample Docker Compose and runner configuration files, simplifying the deployment process. The Docker image is hosted on our public Docker registry on GitHub, facilitating straightforward access and deployment.
  • Kubernetes Deployment: For those utilizing Kubernetes, we introduced a Helm chart to deploy the self-hosted runner within their Kubernetes clusters. This chart is available in our public Helm chart repository, featuring detailed documentation, customizable values, and the required steps for installation and runner registration with Brainboard.
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4 months ago

🔧 TF syntax for Booleans

To enhance flexibility and accommodate various Terraform configuration styles, we have introduced the capability for Booleans to be defined using Terraform syntax as a variable or an expression. This is in addition to the traditional binary option (true/false).

tf syntax for booleans
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5 months ago

💥 OpenTofu on Brainboard

We're thrilled to introduce a game-changing addition to Brainboard - OpenTofu! 🎉

OpenTofu, Terraform’s most promising fork, is an #opensource and drop-in replacement to HashiCorp's Terraform. They recently shipped their 1st stable version 1.6.0.

Here’s how to use OpenTofu on Brainboard:
1️⃣ In the canvas, design your cloud architecture
2️⃣ In the deploy settings (CI/CD tab), set OpenTofu as binary
3️⃣ Run any one action like validate or plan

OpenTofu on Brainboard

Give OpenTofu a spin here!
Stay tuned for further development.
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6 months ago

🌟 Looking AI-head to 2024

Brainboard AI diagramming to terraform code

Commitment to Your Feedback: This year will be dedicated to integrating the valuable feedback you've shared with us. We're committed to refining and evolving based on your insights.
  • ✨ Introducing Brainboard AI: We're excited to reveal early access to Bob, our AI-driven cloud kickstarter. Though initially planned for January 1st, 2024, we're rolling it out sooner! Request your access now and be among the first to generate cloud infrastructures (diagram + code) that you will be able to configure and test. 
  • Career Opportunities: We're expanding our team! If you're passionate about AI and Infra-as-Code diagramming, we want to hear from you. Join us in shaping the future of Brainboard. Send your application to
  • You're Part of Our Big Picture: We promise to maintain our stride in delivering regular, high-quality updates in the design area, ensuring a seamless design ↔️ code experience. Plus, get ready for a plethora of new videos and interactive webinars throughout 2024.
What's on your Brainboard wishlist for next year?
Share your ideas and dreams with us — Santa might be tuning in to grant some Brainboard wishes!

Happy Holidays and a wonderful New Year from all of us at Brainboard! We can't wait to see the amazing things you'll create in 2024. 🎆✨
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7 months ago

🔥 Feature Requests 🔥

✨ Brainboard AI: 

We're thrilled to announce that Bob, our AI-driven cloud kickstarter, will be in beta access by January 1st 2024! Request Access.

🧑‍💻 Edit Existing Resources: 

In this alpha version, you can edit the terraform code of existing resources.
This improvement is the first step towards giving you the best of both words, the power of the design and the accuracy of code. Request Access.

🌧️ Import from AWS

We already fully support Import from Azure, and now, Import from AWS is available in a beta version only for Enterprise clients. Reach out to us to discuss your use case and how we can help you migrate to IaC & Brainboard. Request Access.
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8 months ago

👩🏻‍💻 Introduction of the Bi-directional Alpha Feature

In this alpha version, you can edit existing resources only. (cf. more information)

Animated GIF Maker.gif 2.76 KB

edit terraform code

ezgif video.gif 1.41 MB

You still have to drag & drop new resources but then either you update them via the idcard or via the code. Every edits you do are reflected into the diagram 👀
  1. Modify the value of an existing attribute for a specific resource, variable, or block within the Terraform code.
  2. Introduce new attributes or blocks for configurations such as a resource, relationship, Terraform module filename, or a distinct architectural design.
  3. Remove unnecessary attributes or blocks; the diagram will automatically update to reflect these changes.
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