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🪲 Bug fix report

  • Websocket reconnection fixed: We have resolved the issues related to websocket reconnection in Brainboard. With this update: you no longer need to manually refresh the page to reconnect, enhancing the continuity of your Brainboard experience.
  • Output deletion issue: We've resolved an issue in Brainboard where you were previously unable to delete outputs due to the smart deletion modal being incorrectly activated; it is now limited to only input variables and locals.
    • We are put back the suggestions’ list in the output fields that’s allows you to reference existing resources’ exported attributes.
  • We have implemented fixes for three issues in Brainboard's copy-in-arch feature:
    1. We've ensured that copying within architecture retains the original resource names from the template, addressing the issue where names were unintentionally changed.
    2. We've resolved an issue where output values were incorrectly replaced when importing a template into an existing architecture.
    3. When cloning in-architecture from the template catalog, we now correctly import variables, prevent overlap with existing nodes, and optionally select all new nodes.
  • Update CICD workflow description: We've addressed a usability issue in Brainboard's CI/CD workflow configuration where the 'Save and close' button was not visible due to a hidden overflow, ensuring the button is now always visible for updates.
  • GCP IAM resources: We has released an update to the GCP Terraform provider, now featuring GCP IAM resources. 
Please reach out if you experience any more issues with Brainboard.

🦸 Support
3 months ago

📑 Self-hosted runner documentation

Enterprise customers now have a complete self-hosted runner documentation available here.

Self-hosted runner

Deployment Methods:
  • Docker Compose: For users preferring Docker, we've provided sample Docker Compose and runner configuration files, simplifying the deployment process. The Docker image is hosted on our public Docker registry on GitHub, facilitating straightforward access and deployment.
  • Kubernetes Deployment: For those utilizing Kubernetes, we introduced a Helm chart to deploy the self-hosted runner within their Kubernetes clusters. This chart is available in our public Helm chart repository, featuring detailed documentation, customizable values, and the required steps for installation and runner registration with Brainboard.
🦸 Support
7 months ago

📌 Webinar: Build your producer/consumer model with modules and templates

Producer / Consumer Infrastructure Model

Join us in this webinar to discover how you can establish a producer-consumer workflow. Those who traditionally don't create, maintain, and worry about Infrastructure as Code (IaC) & Terraform, can autonomously deploy and destroy their own cloud infrastructure stacks.
The most critical aspect we'll cover is how to make this process secure, controllable, and compliant with your standards and best practices.
You’ll learn how to build:
  • Scalable architectures using both vanilla Terraform resources and modules, and then how to templatize everything.
  • A multi-environment strategy for any cloud infrastructure.
  • Control and approval mechanisms through CI/CD and drift detection, and how to shorten the feedback loop.
We are excited to meet you again around pure technical discussion & learning. Looking forward to seeing you!

Join us on November 28th!

EDT: 12 pm—1 pm 🇺🇸
CET: 18:00–19:00 🇪🇺
IST: 22:30–23:30 🇮🇳
🦸 Support
12 months ago

🏁 Self-Onboarding Workflows: Getting onboarded with Brainboard has just lift up and reimagined

Introducing the latest update to Brainboard - our Self-Onboarding workflows! Discover how to use Brainboard with a step-by-step guide, from idea to creating your first resource. We understand that starting with a new tool can be overwhelming, but we've got you covered with our intuitive, easy-to-follow instructions that will have you up and running with Brainboard in no time.
Screenshot 2023-06-15 at 09.45.23.png 47.54 KB
Our Self-Onboarding workflows cover every aspect, starting from the initial setup to creating your first resource. We want you to quickly unlock the full value of Brainboard, so we've designed our workflows to be repeatable. Feel free to revisit them whenever you need a refresher or want to explore new features.

At Brainboard, we value your time, and that's why we're committed to helping you expedite your time to market. With our Self-Onboarding workflows, you'll be able to reap the benefits of Brainboard faster than ever before.

So why wait? Head over to Brainboard now and check out our new Self-Onboarding workflows. With our step-by-step guide, you'll learn how to design your ideas, create resources, and observe the automatic code generation. Validate your code with a single action, and dive into the Deploy area where you'll build workflows, add security checks, and run pipelines. By the end of the tutorial, you'll have a solid understanding of the basic use of Brainboard - designing, obtaining code, and triggering the pipeline.

🦸 Support
about 1 year ago

🔍 Search bar is added in the documentation.

Find everything you need to get you started with Brainboard.
Screenshot 2023-05-27 at 14.49.49.png 937.55 KB
🦸 Support
about 1 year ago

🦸🏻‍♀️ The product and support team is available in-app through the chat

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